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NatureCo and One Tree Planted partner with Nestlé on its Global Reforestation Program with the aim to plant and grow 200 million trees by 2030

October 23, 2022

NatureCo’s ongoing contribution to Nestlé’s Global Reforestation Program – a global private sector carbon ‘insetting’ program, brings to life our leadership and expertise in supporting partners and clients through large-scale nature-based solutions program design, development and delivery.

Collaborative program design and long-term partnerships for implementation

Nestlé, well known as one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies with worldwide supply chains, will plant and grow 200 million trees by 2030 as part of its Global Reforestation Program (GRP) – with the support of NatureCo and One Tree Planted as key partners among others. This is part of Nestlé’s roadmap to reach Net Zero by 2050, and includes the company’s transition commitment to reduce 50% of its emissions by 2030.

“NatureCo and One Tree Planted have been invaluable partners to Nestlé – providing us with critical advice and expertise needed to design and implement the Global Reforestation Program at the scale and pace to achieve our Net Zero commitment by 2050,” says Michèle Zollinger, Nestle’s Global Reforestation Program Lead.

The GRP implements restoration and reforestation planting projects, many of which are integrated with active farms (known as agroforestry) or pastures for livestock (silvopasture) and help conserve areas with native trees. These projects lead to direct benefits for communities through job creation or increased agricultural income, emission reductions, and biodiversity outcomes.

Nature-based carbon projects supporting communities along global supply chains

The key feature of the GRP is that carbon reduction claims made under the program follow a world-leading ‘insetting’ approach which targets climate action projects as closely as possible to supply chains.

With Nestlé sourcing products, such as coffee, cocoa, dairy and grain, from different origins around the world, Nestlé’s GRP focuses on countries in Southeast Asia to South America, Australia and Africa.

NatureCo and One Tree Planted conducted in-depth studies to look at the potential for nature-based carbon projects across these regions and supported Nestlé’s assessment of priority countries.

To further guide Nestlé’s GRP and global insetting approach, NatureCo and One Tree Planted co-designed a framework that categorizes Nestlé’s supply chain regions into different insetting zones that clarify project intervention activities and their physical connection to Nestle’s supply chain.

NatureCo and One Tree Planted are now identifying and developing nature-based carbon projects that align with Nestlé’s Insetting Framework. Projects are selected based on restoration needs, scalability, benefits beyond carbon such as for biodiversity and livelihoods, and have to align with Nestle’s Carbon Best Practice Principles.

“We are excited to work together with NatureCo and One Tree Planted on the continued development and delivery of nature-based carbon projects within our supply chain and sourcing landscapes,” says Michèle.

Agroforestry project with cacao farmers in Brazil and local organization, Organização de Conservação de Terras do Baixo Sul da Bahia (OCT). Photo credit: One Tree Planted.

Communities and local organisations essential for implementing nature-based solutions

Ongoing relationships with local organisations and communities are essential to the delivery of reforestation projects – and thus critical to the success of the GRP. While experienced with reforestation programs, many local groups have never run a carbon project before.

NatureCo and One Tree Planted work directly with local organisations for 4-5 years to build their capacity to self-manage the projects, creating lasting social outcomes and employment opportunities.

Agreement with local project partners and communities on benefit sharing is also critical to the success of the GRP. NatureCo and One Tree Planted are working with Nestle to develop a benefit sharing framework that has the ambition to ensure local communities receive additional benefits from projects, for example through credit sharing arrangements, local job creation or increased agricultural income via agroforestry.

NatureCo and One Tree Planted’s work with the GRP is a progressive example of how to implement a global-scale emission reduction program that is directly linked with a company’s supply chains.

Are you interested to learn more about insetting and our approach to collaborative program design? Get in touch with NatureCo to discuss how we can help your organization.