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Who We Partner With

Our Partners

Prioritizing the development of long-term partnerships, we collaborate with a global network of NGOs, local implementation agents and communities, multi-national clients, and investors to deliver nature-based carbon projects.

We work with our clients to advise on impactful, socially, and environmentally responsible nature-based carbon projects, design bespoke programs, and match finance with on-ground action.


We also deliver capacity building to our local partners and communities to build foundations in carbon skills, encourage project ownership, and create greater long-term outcomes for people and nature.


Who We partner with

Global NGOs

Global NGOs have years of experience working with communities and local organizations to deliver social and environmental outcomes.

NatureCo provides the carbon expertise and finance for nature-based projects, enabling NGOs to expand their important work to support biodiversity and livelihoods.

We provide advice on carbon program design, country opportunity mapping, and capacity building programs for NGO staff and local operators.

We partner with NGOs to identify new projects and together take these through to implementation while meeting international integrity standards.

Our investment matching approach provides project finance that ensures a value alignment between the project, communities, and investment partners.

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who we partner with

Local Organizations and Communities

Meaningful engagement at the local community level is one of the most critical elements to the success of any nature-based carbon project.

Local organizations and communities possess in-depth knowledge on the social, cultural and biodiversity characteristics of regions. Many interact with nature and manage natural resources daily and have been doing so for generations.

NatureCo partners with local organizations to co-design projects in a way that responds to the vision and needs of local people and establishes benefit sharing arrangements to ensure financial outcomes from projects come back to communities.

Seeking to build foundations in carbon expertise wherever we go, we provide capacity building programs to our local partners and communities that enables self-management of projects over the long term, as well as the skills to identify and develop new projects.

who we partner with

Global and Large National Corporations

Corporations are increasingly seeking to support both biodiversity and livelihood outcomes through their climate action goals.

Nature-based carbon projects in developing countries provide an opportunity to support important conservation and development outcomes alongside quantified emission reductions and carbon credit generation.

NatureCo works with corporate clients who are looking to invest in nature-based carbon projects to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. We support large-scale program design, including country risk and opportunity mapping, and advice on investment criteria and international standards suitable for voluntary and compliance purposes.

Through our long-term partnerships, we connect clients with our global network of implementation partners to develop bespoke projects matched to agreed investment criteria and countries of interest.

who we partner with

Financial Investors

NatureCo works with financial investors seeking to generate returns while supporting climate, biodiversity and livelihood outcomes.

We connect investors with nature-based project opportunities, from early-stage financing for feasibility studies to long-term project implementation funding in exchange for carbon credits.

Working with our global network of implementation partners, we match investors with local community projects, and negotiate commercial terms to ensure equitable benefit sharing arrangements and measurable outcomes for nature and people.

who we partner with

Government Agencies

Governments around the world have set national emission reduction targets. Nature-based carbon projects can contribute to meeting these targets and achieve social and environmental outcomes at the same time.

We engage with government agencies to ensure projects meet local approval requirements and align with national policies.

We provide country maps to support government agencies in identifying the best opportunities for nature-based emission reductions, and we assist in large-scale carbon program design.

Through our capacity building program, we build the skills of local operators, laying the foundations for self-origination, development, and management of nature-based projects that contribute to local jobs and regional economies.

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