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Transforming lives and landscapes: NatureCo and World Vision’s nature-based carbon projects connecting FMNR and agroforestry to the international carbon market

March 12, 2024

NatureCo and World Vision’s partnership is driving scalable impact for nature, people, and planet through landscape restoration carbon projects with the world’s most vulnerable communities.

Shared values for lasting partnerships

Announcing our partnership in November 2022 with a shared vision to deliver social, environmental, and economic benefits for communities around the world, NatureCo and World Vision are now presenting our collaborative portfolio of five nature-based carbon projects at the Climate Investor Forum in Melbourne, Australia (20 March 2024).

Drawing on our proven expertise and global experience in nature-based carbon project development, NatureCo has been collaborating with World Vision to build a pipeline of land restoration projects, enabling the connection of finance from environmental markets to World Vision’s important work supporting livelihoods.

“As a child-focused organisation, World Vision knows that it’s not possible to sustain child wellbeing without a healthy natural environment. That’s why we’re excited to be working with NatureCo to expand our efforts to support communities around the world to restore their local ecosystems,” says Daniel Misson, Head of Carbon Programming and Partnerships for World Vision Australia.

In particular, the partnership recognizes the impact and scalability of farmer-managed natural regeneration (FMNR): a simple, low-cost practice which can increase climate change resilience, restore ecosystem services, and improve livelihoods in the world’s most vulnerable communities.

The NatureCo and World Vision partnership is actively connecting the FMNR opportunity to the international carbon market, recognizing the value that can be created for funding partners, local communities, and the planet.

Since the inception of our partnership, NatureCo and World Vision have already conducted extensive capacity building across Africa and the Asia Pacific that has seen more than 200 local field-based staff trained to identify and develop nature-based carbon projects within their local landscapes.

Following an extensive co-design process, NatureCo and World Vision have five nature-based carbon projects across the Africa and the Asia Pacific regions that respond to the vision, needs, and context of local people, and incorporate benefit sharing arrangements to ensure financial outcomes are returned to communities.

Partnering to scale-up global action on climate change and biodiversity loss, and create enduring benefits for local communities

The fastest and most sustainable way to develop nature-based carbon projects at the scale needed to solve the world’s climate and biodiversity crisis is to work in partnerships.

“Partnerships, such as between NatureCo and World Vision, leveraging each other’s skills and networks and striving for shared goals, are essential to successfully deliver and scale-up nature-based solutions projects – simultaneously benefitting people and nature” says Dr. Melanie Kaebernick, Director of International Partnerships and Project Development at NatureCo.

The work between NatureCo and World Vision includes end-to-end project pipeline development involving the identification of viable nature-based carbon project opportunities, undertaking feasibility studies and developing investment-ready project offers.

NatureCo also deliver training and capacity building to local project implementation partners and World Vision field staff and supply guidance and support for the further development of World Vision’s carbon program initiative.

“Our team’s expertise in carbon project development and global environmental markets enables us to build the pathways that connect finance to on-ground conservation and development actions, while World Vision can utilise its local networks and experience working with communities – and together we can realise the conservation and development outcomes” says Melanie.

NatureCo collaborates with a global network of NGOs, local implementation organizations and communities, multi-national clients and investors to develop and implement nature-based carbon projects. We also provide strategic advice to design nature-based solutions programs with our partners, and deliver training so that organizations and communities can self-originate and manage projects.

NatureCo and World Vision will be presenting together at the Climate Investor Forum in March and are actively seeking vision-aligned investors to progress these exciting projects to implementation. Contact us today to discuss how you can get involved.