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Connecting the FMNR opportunity to the international carbon market

May 19, 2024

NatureCo partner World Vision Australia is implementing an ambitious strategy to see 1 billion hectares of degraded land restored, with farmer-managed natural regeneration (FMNR) sitting at the heart of this vision.

Since our partnership began in 2022, NatureCo and World Vision Australia have been working together to build a pipeline of land-restoration projects that connect finance from environmental markets to support the world’s most vulnerable communities, and create a more optimistic future for nature, people, and planet.

In particular, the partnership recognizes the impact and scalability of farmer-managed natural regeneration (FMNR): a simple, low-cost practice that can increase climate change resilience, restore ecosystem services, and improve livelihoods in the world’s most vulnerable communities.

The NatureCo and World Vision partnership is actively connecting the FMNR opportunity to the international carbon market, recognizing the value that can be created for funding partners, local communities, and the planet. Following an extensive co-design process, NatureCo and World Vision now have a collaborative portfolio of five nature-based carbon projects across the Africa and the Asia Pacific regions that respond to the vision, needs, and context of local people, and incorporate benefit-sharing arrangements to ensure financial outcomes are returned to communities.